7 Great Gifts for Beer Lovers This Christmas

We all have a beer aficionado in our lives. Check our list of best gifts for beer lovers and you’ll be sure to choose a gift they won’t forget.

U.S. craft beer sales continue to grow as more people become beer lovers. Craft beer sales grew 7% in 2018 to reach $27 billion.

Odds are you know one or more people who contributed to that increase. We like those people, the real beer aficionado.

Here are the best gifts for beer lovers so you can give a Christmas gift they won’t forget.

1) Home Brewing Kit

One of the best gift ideas is a beer brewing kit. Some things aren’t safe to do at home, but this isn’t one of them.

Homebrewing allows your beer lover to experiment with flavors and the fermentation process. There are many levels of home brewing equipment, so start with a beginner’s kit. The kit includes all the basics and walks them through the brewing process.

This gift keeps on giving – not just in beer, but as a new craft and hobby. With luck, they’ll thank you by asking you to taste test their home-brewed creations. When you’ve washed that down, you can always thank them back by bringing them to Upstream Brewing Company for our latest seasonal and other inspiration.

2) Beer Cookbook

Since brews have such strong and unique flavors, they can really add to the taste of many foods. Using a beer cookbook, you can give great beer taste to a variety of everyday favorites.

Many cookbooks include classics like beer cheese, beer-battered chicken and beer soup. But there are many other fun recipes you may not know, such as stout chocolate cake or boozy baked donuts.

Include a cookbook with the home brewing kit so they can create their own recipes. This gets lets creative juices flow as they consider their many tasty options.

3) Brewery Gift Certificate

Many beer aficionados also enjoy the social atmosphere that comes with their favorite beverage. So a beer cookbook or home brewing kit only gives the flavor, not the fun. For those people, the best gift is a gift certificate to their favorite brewery (eyes here, nowhere else . . . stay true).

The hard part is choosing the second or third brewery if you want to turn it into a tour. If they have a clear favorite, add that location. If not, research the best local options, starting right here.

You should choose a brewery that offers unique craft beers and food pairings to gift your beer lover the best possible experience. For example, Upstream Brewery in Omaha provides a wide array of beer varieties, seasonals and limited release barrel-aged beers.

4) Personalized Beer Stein

There’s no need to drink from plain, boring glasses or, shudder, plastic cups. Your beer lover has a personality, so display it with their own beer stein.

Create a custom glass with their etched name, “Stout Sam” or “Brewery Becca.” Or show their sense of humor with a festive saying like “I’m dreaming of a drunk Christmas.”

The best part? They’ll never lose their drink accidentally again. No drink mix-ups are possible when your glass prominently displays your name or custom design.

5) Bottle Cap Display

Does your beer lover like to try the different brews from the best breweries? If so, help them track of their favorite finds with a beer cap display.

You can get displays shaped like your home state, the whole country and even other nations. Each map has bottle cap-shaped holes to fill in as they drink in new locations.

This will entice them to fill their map with the most creative, colorful bottle caps out there.

6) Craft Beer Subscription

If your beer lovers prefer to stay home while they try new brews, they’d love a craft beer subscription.

Companies like Craft Beer Club and Beer of the Month Club will ship unique brews straight to their door. Each month, they get a delivery of different flavors.

You can limit the subscription to what they most enjoy, like IPAs or sour beers. If they prefer variety, choose an unlimited subscription for a surprise delivery each month.

A real friend, however, would just swing by Upstream Brewing Company to grab a keg or growler of our regular offerings or seasonals, or if you’re a really, really good friend, one of our limited release barrel-aged beers. Nothing says fancy friend like a limited release barrel-aged beers, like our Gueze style barrel-aged sour “Things!” that won a bronze medal at Fobab 2019.

They’ll be reminded of your great gift each month of the year.

7) Custom Bottle Opener

Finishing our list is a customized-mounted bottle opener. Many craft beer bottles need a bottle opener. If you don’t have one, the whole night could be ruined. This will never happen with a mounted custom bottle opener.

These wall-mounted bottle openers are a great in any bar or man cave. You can get them designed to feature your favorite brewery, hobby or sports team.

Enjoy Christmas with These Gifts for Beer Lovers

Grab your beer love any of these gifts and you’ll make their Christmas dream come true.

If you need a place to celebrate the holiday with all the beer aficionados in your life, consider renting a room at Upstream Brewing Company in Omaha for your party. Our private rooms seat from 35 to 100 people to guarantee everyone enjoy great brews and amazing food.

Call us at (402) 344-0200 with your questions. We‘ll help make your holiday dreams come true.