Wedding Caterer Checklist: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Caterer

One of the most important parts of a wedding is the menu. Learn how to choose the best caterer service with the 10 essential questions in our caterer checklist!

On your big day, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. That’s why you’re spending a ton of time, energy, and money planning the most perfect wedding you can imagine.

When it comes to hiring your caterer, don’t cut corners. It’s crucial to get all the details straightened out ahead of time. That way, you aren’t in for an unfortunate surprise when it’s crunch time!

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9 Types of Beer Glasses for Different Brews

Any beer connoisseur knows that a great beer is even better out of the right glass.  But if you’re not 100% sure if your favorite should be served in a stein or snifter, we can guide you through the types of beer glasses ideally suited to each different brew.

For most of us, our first encounter with beer involved drinking straight out of the can or from a red Solo cup. (Thanks, college).

However, as your beer palate has grown more sophisticated, you no doubt realized that there are several different types of beer glasses, and they’re not all created equal.

And, while some people just grab a glass from the cupboard without any rhyme or reason, real beer aficionados know that each beer glass is designed to enhance a particular brew.

So, if you’re looking to broaden your knowledge and maybe impress your friends, you’re going to want to know what those different types of beer glasses are.

This guide tells you all you need to know about the different types of beer glasses for different brews.

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Craft Beer Movement: How the Brewing Industry Helps Local Economy

There are so many reasons to enjoy craft beers, including the business you’re supporting. We’d like to propose a toast to the local economic impact of the brewing industry!

The growing industry of craft beers provides many benefits. Naturally, when a group of friends gathering over a variety of tasty brews, it creates a fun social experience. But today’s brewing industry also gives a boost to local economies across the country.

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8 Health Benefits of Drinking Non Alcoholic Beer

Wanting to take a break from alcohol doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking beer. Non alcoholic beer exists for a reason and it actually has many benefits!

There’s a lot of evidence in support of the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. From the antioxidants in a glass of wine or the mood-boosting effects of a delicious brew, there are plenty of reasons to indulge now and again.

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Game On: 6 Billiard Games to Play at the Pub

We’ve all heard about 8-ball pool, but that’s not the only game you can play at the pub. Discover 6 billiard games that’ll make your nights out even better.

Cue sports like pool, snooker and billiard games are more popular than ever. They came out of smoky bars and into the realm of family entertainment with enthusiasts up by a third since the mid-1980s.

While you may think only “stripes and solids,” games like billiards have many fun variations. So chalk it up and get your stick on with these enjoyable games.

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Become a Pro: A Guide to Popular Types of Craft Beer

IPA, Ale, Lager… Have you heard these names but haven’t figured out which is which? Learn the types of craft beer with our quick guide!

Beer drinkers, rejoice. There’s never been such a wide range of delicious craft beers on the market as now.

With so many options, even occasional beer drinkers can find a glass they’ll enjoy. Ever heard of strawberry beer for the fruit lovers?

Of course, some flavors are more successful than others. If you’re new to craft beer or simply want to learn some new scrummy flavors, here are the most popular types of craft beer today.

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7 Great Gifts for Beer Lovers This Christmas

We all have a beer aficionado in our lives. Check our list of best gifts for beer lovers and you’ll be sure to choose a gift they won’t forget.

U.S. craft beer sales continue to grow as more people become beer lovers. Craft beer sales grew 7% in 2018 to reach $27 billion.

Odds are you know one or more people who contributed to that increase. We like those people, the real beer aficionado.

Here are the best gifts for beer lovers so you can give a Christmas gift they won’t forget.

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Ready to Order? 9 Tips for Best Pairings of Food and Beer

Is anything better than a plate of your favorite food? Yes, to have the perfect beer to go with it. Here’s how to pair the best food and beer!

No matter what dish you prepare, there’s a beer pairing to go with it.

Beer continues to grow in popularity. There are many high-quality beers. According to the National Beer Wholesalers Association, the U.S. beer industry sold over 202 million barrels in 2018.

These days, dining out should be more than just a meal. The restaurant industry, including Omaha’s, has invested in intentional ambiance, themes and a wider offering of alcoholic beverage, especially beers.

Here are nine tips for pairing great food with the most appropriate beer.

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