Our Gang

Brian Magee

Brian Magee

President & Owner

Brian’s come a long way from his high school days as a carhop at King’s Drive-In. He opened Upstream in 1996, and has insisted on sampling the product multiple times daily ever since. Including the steak, which he prefers medium rare the way the good Lord intended.

Chad Gumbert

General Manager

A seasoned operator who joined our team in 2014 as our General Manager. Chad's keen ability to keep our staff on their toes ensures that you will get our delicious food and tasty beers sooner than later.

Jeff Everroad

Jeff Everroad

Executive Chef, Old Market

An Omaha native, Jeff first stepped into our kitchen as a sous chef in 2000. He went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America in New York City, and spent several years working in restaurants there and in San Diego. In 2009, he returned to his exotic homeland to become the Executive Chef at Pitch Pizzeria. We lured him, his tattoos and his Harley away in 2012. Jeff brings a love of seasonal variations and local sourcing to Upstream’s menus. And, of course, he knows which brew goes best with each entrée.

Dallas Archer

Dallas Archer

Head Brewmaster

Dallas became a craft beer enthusiast early in his drinking career (which began precisely on his 21st birthday, just as it should). He got his start in the brewing industry soon after when he joined Upstream in 2007. Our Head Brewmaster since 2012, Dallas operates under the simple mantra of "brew great beer." He has been certified as officially as possible by the Beer Judge Certification Program, and he sits (and quaffs) on the Nebraska Hop Growers Association Board of Directors. His beard-trimming skills are spectacular, but reserved only for himself.

Chip Allen

In House Catering Manager

Chip is an Omaha original, just like Upstream. After spending a few years in the financial services industry, he came back in 2018 to join us as our in house catering manager. Chip has extensive background working with individuals to make sure their experience is what they expect. We are sure he can handle anything you throw his direction.

Anthony Roza

Off Site Catering Manager

Anthony has worked in hospitality his entire 15+ year career. While working for Chicago’s top restaurant group, he attended Kendall College, the city’s top hospitality and culinary school. Catering and events was the focus of his studies. After finishing his degree, Anthony moved back to his hometown and joined the team at Upstream as the Off Site Catering Manager. His passion lies in creating exceptional guest experiences. He collaborates with Chef to make creative menus to help turn your banquet or event into a spectacular celebration.