Privacy Statement

At Upstream Brewing Company, we understand your privacy is important. Very important. That is why we only use your personal information to send you updates about our restaurant — such as new appetizers, desserts or seasonal beers we’ve added to our menu.

We will never – no way, no how – sell any information you provide us via this Web site or Upstream Updates program to any third parties. Instead, we will use it to send you promotions, to communicate with you and to find out how we can continue making Upstream one of your favorite places to eat and drink.

Collecting information

We may collect information about you via this Web site or Upstream Updates if you choose to provide us with such information. Additionally, when you enter our site, we may receive some information about you due to cookies, click streams, our receipt of your IP address, web beacons, software designed to track traffic to our site and other technical ways information is received by computers. We may also receive your information if you enter our site from another site’s link.


Kids love Upstream. And Upstream loves kid. However, we do not knowingly or intentionally seek personal information from children under the age of 13. Please monitor your children if they visit our site so that they do not provide any such information.

Links to other sites

While we have links to other beer sites on our site, we are not aware of, nor do we monitor, other sites’ privacy policies or how well they comply with their policies. We accept no responsibility for such sites’ policies, terms and conditions or the content on those sites. We encourage you to review and understand their privacy policies before providing them with private information.

Changes to your account, opt-out of promotions and questions

If you would like to change your account information or no longer wish to receive Upstream Updates, please email