Ready to Order? 9 Tips for Best Pairings of Food and Beer

Is anything better than a plate of your favorite food? Yes, to have the perfect beer to go with it. Here’s how to pair the best food and beer!

No matter what dish you prepare, there’s a beer pairing to go with it.

Beer continues to grow in popularity. There are many high-quality beers. According to the National Beer Wholesalers Association, the U.S. beer industry sold over 202 million barrels in 2018.

These days, dining out should be more than just a meal. The restaurant industry, including Omaha’s, has invested in intentional ambiance, themes and a wider offering of alcoholic beverage, especially beers.

Here are nine tips for pairing great food with the most appropriate beer.

1)  Plenty of Local Research

Perhaps you’re planning a big social event and are lost among beverage options. Or maybe you just want to understand how best to pair beer with food.

Either way, start with general research about beers available in your area. After all, if you know what beers your local craft breweries produce, you’ll have better pairing options.

For more specific examples, check out what’s available in-house brews in the Omaha Metro.

2)  Know What Your Budget Allows

Clearly know your financial situation so you can properly budget for your upcoming event. For example, is there an allocation for beers in your company’s budget?

Maybe this event comes from your own pocket. Determine how much you can afford to pair beers with meals. Don’t offer a multi-course meal if you can’t afford it.

3)  Similar Ingredients Emphasize Flavor

One great practice is to pair beers with foods that share similar flavors.

For example, if your meal includes citrus flavors like oranges or lemons, find a beer with that taste, too.

That way, beer and food complement each other instead of canceling the other out.

4)  Add the Paired Beer to the Dish

Another good idea is to use the same beer to cook the dish you’ll use. This is wise, particularly if you’ll do the cooking.

If you hire a caterer, though, don’t be afraid to ask if this is an option.

5)  Use Seasonal Beers for Unified Themes

If you base your food menu on your beer options, consider going seasonal.

In the summers, for instance, choose light and crisp beers that refresh. In the autumn and winter, on the other hand, rich and full beers like stouts offer comfort.

Choose your food pairing based on which beers are in style. This makes your menu planning easier.

6)  Light Beers Cleanse Palettes of Spicy Foods

Speaking of your menu, will you serve any spicy foods? For example, certain Asian, Indian and Mexican dishes pack a punch.

Serve a light, refreshing beer that cleanses the palette of those spicy flavors.

There are several varieties that are refreshing and light. Serve lagers or pilsners to help your guests keep their mouths calm between spicy bites.

7)  Don’t Let a Flavor Dominate the Other

When you pair beer with food, don’t let either be more prominent in flavor than the other. Unless you cleanse the palette of spicy foods, as detailed above.

Instead, balance the tastes of the food and beer so neither suffocates the other’s flavor and impact.

For example, consider how to pair a beer with oysters. Oysters have a distinct flavor that can easily overpower a basic light beer. Check out this guide to pairing oysters with beers that balance the briny flavor of oysters.

8)  Don’t Forget to Serve Dessert Beers

If you want to provide a high-quality beer with dessert, don’t worry.

There are excellent dessert beers that pair perfectly with sorbets, pies, cakes and other treats. Dessert beers are often fruity in taste.

9)  Be Willing to Seek Professional Help

You want your food and beer pairing to work well. So don’t be afraid to advice when you create the menu for your upcoming event.

It’s smart to talk to your local brewery or whoever provides the beer. Seek their advice. After all, they should have plenty of experience.

Tasty Food and Beer Pairings Make Your Event Special

You now understand the principles of today’s top food and beer pairings. There’s no need to cut corners when you plan an exquisite meal. For that reason, use these nine guidelines we provided.

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper pairings. Whether it’s a corporate or social gathering, impress your guests with your understanding of how to pair the menu items with appropriate beers. That’s why it can be worthwhile to seek professional advice.

That’s where we come in. We give our customers the most sophisticated and well-designed dining experiences. We assure you and your guests have a great time before, during and after the meal.

If you’re planning an upcoming event, we have everything you need. Our staff will help you create a menu, set-up whatever you need and serve a delicious, balanced meal.

That’s why we encourage you to look at our restaurant party rooms for your next big event.