Craft Beer Movement: How the Brewing Industry Helps Local Economy

There are so many reasons to enjoy craft beers, including the business you’re supporting. We’d like to propose a toast to the local economic impact of the brewing industry!

The growing industry of craft beers provides many benefits. Naturally, when a group of friends gathering over a variety of tasty brews, it creates a fun social experience. But today’s brewing industry also gives a boost to local economies across the country.

Consider the following statistic about the beer industry within the United States: Beer sales have already generated over $115 million this year alone, and show no sign of slowing down. In fact, the national beer market is expected to grow another 2.3% next year.

So the economy of beer is thriving and will continue to do so. That’s great news for local communities investing in breweries. Not only is the beer industry delicious — it’s profitable too!

Keep reading, though, for more specific details on how today’s craft beer movement is helping local economies thrive.

Breweries Contribute to the Local Tax Base

Every business in your community must pay taxes (except for nonprofits.) Local property and sales taxes contribute to upkeep for your city’s streets and roads. They also help fund and maintain schools, city parks and natural resources. Breweries provide jobs and pay their taxes just like any other business.

Plus, the employees at those breweries pay their own income taxes, too. These taxes and business licensing fees contribute to the federal, state, and city governments every quarter. That is just one way breweries provide an internal boost to your local economy.

Breweries Employ Sophisticated Professionals Just Like Any Other Business

Speaking of a brewery’s employees, don’t underestimate the power of employment in your local community. The more citizens who have jobs, the more income they have to spend throughout the city or town.

Did you know full-time employees get substantial benefits packages at breweries, too? That means they’ll be more likely to stay with the company for many years and be able to invest in their community.

Employees spend more money within the town where they live. This is where they’ll be settling down, maybe buying a house and sending their kids to school throughout the coming years.

And when those kids graduate high school, or even before that, they become part of the next generation to enter the workforce. This is just one more way that breweries boost economies on many levels.

An Increase in Beer Sales = An Increase in Local Revenue

It’s not typical for breweries to develop franchises and operate in multiple cities. Most craft breweries are local enterprises.  So if your neighbors have opened a unique, local brewery, you can trust that the revenue from that business stays in town.

Americans love their beer. It is hands-down the number one most popular alcoholic beverage in the country.  According to this report, the U.S. beer industry sells more than $119 billion in beer every single year.

In other words, the brewing industry is going to be around for a while and craft beers are leading the charge. As they become more and more popular, these breweries will continue to make profits. The more they profit, the more money they’ll have to spend in your local community!

Another trend is that more breweries are sourcing many of their products locally (including our own Executive Chef Jeff Everrode!) This could include everything from their beer flavorings to their utensils and furniture.

Craft breweries have proven they are dedicated to spurring the local economy in the towns that love and support them. After all, the purpose of craft breweries is to create a unique experience for customers – not a mass-produced one.

Breweries Are Great for Supporting Local Art

Many artists and musicians appreciate craft breweries for their own reasons. Local breweries are a great venue for open mics or other events that support the local artists in their town.

Perhaps they even hang local artists’ paintings on their walls for sale. Craft breweries are dedicated to making the community more interesting and fun for the citizens who keep them in business.

High-Quality Breweries Focus on Flavor – Not Getting Intoxicated

Sometimes it might seem as though a brand new brewery opens every day.

Don’t worry, though, craft breweries are more than just “bars.” And breweries have a very different energy than clubs that market to the “partying” crowd. They offer a more refined environment where professionals can socialize and appreciate a crafted beverage.

Craft breweries are dedicated to the flavor profile and the art of their creations. For more detailed specifics, check out our wide variety of local in-house brews available.

Craft Breweries Are a Great Place for Professional Networking Events, Too

As mentioned above, craft breweries provide a great transitional space for professionals to hang out after work. It’s no wonder local breweries have become a favorite gathering spot of many companies and organizations for networking events.  Reserve one of our party rooms for your company event.

These networking events help your local economy indirectly, too. When friendly business partnerships are formed over a nice, crisp beer, why wouldn’t they last? Soon enough, you can expect your local economy to continue thriving and growing right alongside the brewing industry.

Appreciate Your Own Local Brewing Industry

The craft beer movement benefits everyone. Not only does the national beer market keep revenue circulating throughout the country, local communities of all sizes benefit from the brewing industry.

After all, you deserve to feel proud of your hometown. That’s why you should encourage the continued development of breweries in your area. Allow your local community to make the most of this growing market.

We do our best to maintain a socially active presence in our beloved town of Omaha and contribute to our local economy. Did you know our Old Market location was originally a firehouse?

We take tremendous pride in the selection of beers we offer our customers as well as our great dining menu. And we couldn’t do any of it without our great staff who work hard to maintain a reliable reputation in this community. We encourage you to check out more details about our brewery’s staff to get to know your local craft beer purveyors better!

Who’s thirsty for a beer right now?